Scam? Fraud? Legit? Rip Off Report? Fake? 


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PLEASE READ:  Important Facts about online complaints, fraud accusations, rip off reports, negative reviews and more.  It is very important to everyone at Extreme Spells that our potential customers as well as our current customers read about why they may have read a negative review on Extreme Spells online.  What you think of our Circle and your Happiness with your Spell Casting is PARAMOUNT to us and we want to show you every possible reason to have faith in our service and Circle.  Our clients faith, our potential clients opinion and our friends trust is one of the most important things to our Circle as a whole.  This is why we want to convey this important information and facts. 

Before we begin, let us address the main question at hand...

QUESTION: "Is ExtremeSpells, ExtremeLoveSpells or the Circle of Eight a Scam, Fraud or Rip Off?  Essentially, are they NOT what they claim they are?"


"Why did I read a negative review about Extreme Spells shaking my faith in them and their legitimacy?"

But we want YOU to decide for yourself AFTER you read all of the facts.  The wisest people do research and  hear all of the facts and sides BEFORE creating an opinion. 

And YOUR OPINION means everything to us.

Many things have been said about us at Some Great! Some Good! Some Neutral! and Some not so good!  We accept that this is how it is when you serve the public. Any person in business will tell you that you will get complaints even if you sold a dollar for fifty cents! ( :  That's the basic rule of public business that must be accepted. 

We want to address a few common concerns about our online reputation and why you may have read a negative review about Extreme Spells or Extreme Love Spells.

QUESTION:  Is, Extreme Spells, The Circle of Eight Legit?

ANSWER:  YES. Extreme Spells and Extreme Love Spells is 100% Legit and Authentic. We at Extreme Spells have been serving the public for a many many years and we have been online for almost 6 years now. This fact alone can help validate our legitimacy. WHY?  Sites that run Scams and Frauds ALWAYS close up and start over.  We have no reason to change our name at all.


QUESTION:  Of course YOU will say that Extreme Spells is Legit!  You ARE Extreme Spells!  How can I be CERTAIN that you are a True and Real Spell Caster!

ANSWER:  The answer is easy and we want you to truly think about this fact!  Spell casters that run fraud sites and scam people do not last more then 6 months (a year MAX).  They are shut down or they start a new website to start under a fresh new name and identity. 

We at Extreme Spells ( have been online for almost 6 years now!  We have NO PLANS on changing our name and site address.  We could at any time but choose not to!  Why?  The number of GOOD opinions and HAPPY CUSTOMERS out numbers and negative reviews 500 to 1.  Sadly, the poor reviews effect people more when they are searching for a real Spell Caster.  Bad reviews make a deeper impression.  This is a sad fact but true.  Who hope this makes sense to you. 

We have been serving the online community for almost 6 years! This ALONE can help validate we are a caring and legit company.

Do we make mistakes?  OF COURSE!  Especially master Lewis!  (Don't tell him I said that!  LOL)

Do all of our Spells work all of the time?  OF COURSE NOT!  NO CASTERS CAN!

The bottom line is we are very good at what we do and we stand behind our Guarantee and our Clients.  This has been and always will be our creed. 


80% to 90% of online Spell Casters, Psychics, Tarot Readers and Astrologers are 100% FAKE.

This fact is down right disturbing but YOU CAN spot who is real and who is fake by simply knowing what to look for.  We will help you know what to look for and how to spot the real sites and the fake sites. 


1.  HOW LONG HAS THE SITE BEEN ONLINE?  --  You can verify this with many tools online.  Simply do a search for "Website Age" and you will find many sites that will inform you of the age of the website in question.

2.  DOES THE SITE OFFER THINGS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?  --  This is a dead giveaway.  If they offer things like "result in one hour!" or "100% success rate" or "Voted Best Caster Online".  Another way to spot a fake is the actual Spells they claim to cast.  Spells like "Invincibility" or "Time Travel" etc.  Use this rule" 

3.  NO GUARANTEE  --  If a business is offering a quality product or service they will carry a guarantee correct?  We offer a full guarantee because we KNOW that most of our casting manifest just fine and 95% of our customers will be happy.  This makes sense for us and you.  A company who has things to hide will NOT offer a guarantee.

4.  CONFUSING GUARANTEE  --  If you read the Guarantee it seems like a Guarantee to refund you or provide a guaranteed casting right?  When you look closer the guarantee is simply a new spell that is not going to work as well.  What then?  I am sure you see the point here. 



Do not fret.  There ARE quality casters and psychics you can rely on.  This we know for certain.  The bottom line is be safe and do your homework and you will be just fine.  Hopefully, We at will be the ones to serve you but regardless, we wish you the very best!

I have read a report on a reviews or scam website stating Extreme Spells is not real and a scam.  What about this?

ANSWER:  Actually, this is very disturbing...

A person without any morals, values, compassion, ethics, standards, ideas of their own etc.  You understand the kind of person we are referring to.  This person is the owner of a website offering Spell Castings.  They consider themselves a competitor.  They have made countless posts about our site to seriously harm our reputation.  Clearly it has worked...but only to a small extent.

"A Lowly Competitor Posts Fake Reviews and
Click Bombs Extreme Spells for Personal Gain"

This is a sad fact.  We have a current competitor (who we mention above) wishes to slander us on message boards and websites all over the internet.  This person has said horrible lies and does so in the interest of his own website ( The reason we know this is fast is due to the SAME IP address making the same accusations. 

We want to warn anyone researching our fantastic Website  and to be weary of this lying criminal and his false postings under several names and aliases. will always be happy to serve you without any issue and without any problem. We will happily answer any questions you have about this subject or any.

QUESTION:  I  have seen other Spell Casting sites saying they are with the Circle of eight and Extreme Spells.  Why do you have more then one site?

ANSWER:  Easy!  More exposure!  We have created more then one site to reach more people on the net!  many companies do this to spread out more and make contact with people searching different search terms.  We ALWAYS let our customers know what company we are on every page.  We are being very open.  This is not a bad thing.  We simply want more and more people to find our site and creating several sites offering the same services is a very effective means at reaching new clients.  We always use the same mailing address as to show we are the same casters.  Good Question though!

QUESTION:  Why does it say "Dynamic Enterprises" or "ExtrmSpls" when I place my order? 

ANSWER:  This is for YOUR PRIVACY!  Most clients do not want anything related to Spell Casting printed on a financial statement.  We use the name Dynamic Enterprises to keep the companies name "general" and to ensure your privacy.  To use Extreme Spells would let anyone reading your statement know you ordered a Spell Casting.  Your privacy is second ONLY to your happiness with your Spell Casting.


Extreme Spells and The Circle of Eight Thanks You!

The Circle has received thousands of thank you letters from customers all over the world. We at and want to thank you for being so kind in your e mails.  Getting these makes the work the Circle at and Extreme Spells worth the effort.  One thing is for certain, we at or Extreme Spells, care and make sure we show it in many ways.


Always know that we take great care and pride in our service. As with anything in life, make sure you draw your own opinion and conclusion and ALWAYS consider the source of information.  Also, as you were always told, do not believe everything you read! We want to thank you for reading this post and look forward to serving you soon!  Master Sam Taylor & The Circle

"The old saying to never believe everything you read was around long before the internet.  Sadly, it seems to be meant directly for it!  When you read a negative review or report always remember it can be written by anyone.  In any situation you should always make contact and see for yourself the impression YOU get before you make a judgment.  We hope to show you how much we care for our customers.  We want you to see FIRST HAND that we are completely the opposite of any negative review you may have read.  We at Extreme Spells wish you nothing but the best!"  -- Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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