"How to Hex"  or the Hex Spell is explained in this section of our site.  If you hear the term HEX or Hexing you may immediately think of Black magic spells or Witchcraft.  Actually, a HEX spell can be used to STOP a person from doing a certain act. 

The HEX spell casting is one of the oldest and strongest spells in the Wicca Faith and is rarely used due to its strong and volatile nature.  Types of HEX spells are used in many Magic practicing faiths like Voodoo, Shamanism and Egyptian Witchcraft.  Generally, not just any person can cast out a HEX spell.  It takes a great deal of practice and training.  The remarkable thing about the HEX spell casting is that it will not just manifest itself part way. 

Meaning, a HEX spell will either manifest completely or not at all once it is cast out.  There is not half way results for this kind of casting.  When cast, the HEX can take a great deal of time depending on the actual casting ritual used.  Generally, a HEX spell casting takes 24 to 48 hours to complete but we have seen other covens and circles take as long as 10 days to cast out what are known as "Super HEX" spells.  As you can imagine, these HEX castings are VERY potent and create results we cannot even imagine. 

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The Circle at ExtremeLoveSpells.com does not cast these "Super HEX" spells and never will.  This certainly requires a level of Dark Magic or Black magic that we do not use not condone.  This level of HEX does not have any Justice powers or spell energies.  It only contains pure evil energy meant for destruction. 

Below, you will find a Free HEX reversal spell you can try.  This Free HEX reversal spell is very weak and intended for only very mild cases of HEX energies.  Use this casting with care.


This is an very simple and basic spell that will reverse any HEX type energies that may exist around you. For example, if a HEX was just placed upon you and its energies are very weak, it can possibly stop it.  It removes the basic energy that the HEX spell looks for and basically "feeds off of" in order to attach itself to you and grow.

On the floor, stand in between 3 white candles in between the hours of 12:00am and 12:10am on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 16th, 21st, 24th or 30th of any month.

The White Candles symbolize purity and cleansing energies.

Sit quietly within the lit white candles and completely clear your mind for 60 seconds.  Next, say the following words...

"I cleanse myself of spells of the night.  From this moment on I they shall feel my plight.  I will ward off evil until I am free, for this I swear so mote it shall be"

This Anti - HEX Spell is effective and free.  It works on most low powered HEX castings and CURSES.  If the HEX or CURSE is powerful and things DO NOT CHANGE, we do offer a Professional Cleansing / Protection Spell.  See this Spell Casting HERE.


Free Spell Casting Fact:

White Candles are used in many cleansing and protection spell castings.  They are almost always used in HEX removal casting where the HEX spell is not very powerful.  Most of the time, if a HEX spell WAS cast and the Spell caster had the right training and experience, the HEX will be VERY difficult to remove.  HEX spells require a great deal of training to cast out.  Dark Magic like this is very hard to remove. 

Black Magic HEX Spells are powerful, evil and very destructive.  The HEX spell has some sort of variable in every Magic Religion.  If a Spell Casters is not properly trained to cast a HEX and he tries anyway, serious things can happen and Magic Energies can be released in areas that were never intended.  Kind of like lighting a firework and it falling over, igniting other fireworks creating a huge explosive mess.  This is how some HEX spells go wrong.  Luckily, this free HEX removal spell can help remove low powered HEX Spells.



"HEX spells can be very dangerous.  Luckily we do offer HEX removals and professional HEX castings that are safe and effective.  Rest assured you are in the best hands with ExtremeLoveSpells.com!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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