If you have legal problems, a court case coming up, tickets you must fight to get out of, probation issues etc. This powerful and free Legal Spell casting can help your legal woes.  Spells that help with issues regarding the law effect your overall fortune and the opposing party or plaintiff.  If you broke the law in nay way, shape or form, our LEGAL EAGLE free spell casting can help a great deal.


For this "Legal Help Spell" you will require to collect...

5 fresh tree leaves from from where you live (any tree will do as long as it is from your home)

A fresh, lemon with no spots.

A clear, new glass jar that has a lid

A glass of new, fresh and clear spring water

One new and tall blue candle

One white cloth

If you are facing any sort of legal or problems  with the law, this "LEGAL PROBLEMS BE GONE" free spell can help greatly.

Mix tree leaves tea and a teaspoon of lemon juice and keep it in the glass jar with no cover or lid. Several days before your court daye, put one drop of the fluid in with the cup of spring water.  Light the blue candle and repeat these words quietly in your mind...

"I cast this spell for my justice and freedom.  Right or wrong I shall be content.  Free from the law this protection is spent!"

Put drops of this Potion around your doors at your home and all windows.  Create a protection energy from future Legal Issues.

Spells for Legal Troubles Facts:

Spells cast for Legal Issues are very effective and deliver some unusual results.  Legal issues that have had spells cast to stop them have ended in mistrials, positive verdicts, officers not being able to attend the trial and more.  Legal problems that are solved with spell energy always are solved in a dynamic fashion.

"We hope our free Legal Spell helps you with your current legal problem or court case.  Our free legal spells have helped hundreds of people get a not guilty verdict, win a court case, win a settlement, beat traffic tickets and more.  We also offer a fantastic professional Spell to help with legal issues via our Custom Spells.  Our Custom Legal Spells allows you to choose from 8 to 15 results you wish to manifest with your current legal issue or court case!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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