Love Potion Recipe - How to Make and Use Our Love Potion # 39
The Morphic Energy Love Spell Potion to Infuse Powerful "Attraction Energies"

Love Potion # 38" Love Potion / Free Powerful Magic Serum to make a person fall madly in love


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Love Potions are very real and are very effective when created right.  Just any "How To Make Love Potions" you find online will not due.  We have seen more false and fake Love Potions, Serums and home magic Spells it is literally unreal.  Spells and Potions you find anywhere online are most all certainly fake. The potion will most certainly not produce the desired results.

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It is simple really.  To PROVE how effective our Magic is!  To show you without a doubt that we KNOW POTIONS!  that we KNOW SPELL CASTING!  That we KNOW Magic! 

We are certain if we impress upon you how effective our FREE potions and FREE spells are, you will be certain to try our professional Spells and Spell Castings.   Our Free Love Potion below (Love Potion # 38) was created for making a person fall in love with another.


 We named this Love Potion "Love Potion #38" after the hit song "Love Potion # 9" to give it a bit of flavor or life.  The truth is, this is our 38th Love Potion so it seemed to fit.  The ingredients in this love potion are safe and non toxic.  The potion itself is over 300 years old and has been used with great effectiveness since then.  One of our Coven's members family has used it to find a wife for 6 generations.  Proof positive this Love Potion...WORKS. 


   Please note, we are NOT responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of our Free Love Potions, Serums or Free Spells . 

Free Love Potion -- "Love Potion # 39"

Love Potion # 39



2 Cups of Pure Spring Water

2 Cups of Cherry Concentrate Juice

5 Rose Petals

3 Daisy Petals

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 pinch of Cinnamon

3 Red Candles

1 Red or Pink Cloth

1 Clear glass bowl

1 pure silver or gold spoon (real metals)

A picture of the person the Potion is for.

The Love Potion #39 is a very effective and powerful Free Love Potion.  Please use this Magic potion with care and take your time when creating this powerful serum of love and attraction. 

Sit the glass bowl on the red cloth and center it between the three red candles (shaped in a triangle formation) Next,  mix the Water, Cherry juice, Sugar and Cinnamon together in the glass bowel.  Use the spoon and stir the Love Potion clockwise 12 times.

As you mix the Love Serum / Love Potions ingredients, repeat these words out loud... Love Potion

"My Love for Thee is strong and pure, my heart longs for thee be sure.  Now your eyes will long for me, YOUR LOVE IS MINE so shall it be!!"

Once completed, take the potion and set it by an open window to see the moons light.  Next, take the flower pedals and dip them all in the love potion as it sits on the window sill in the moons light.  Take the rose pedals and the daisy pedals and sprinkle them on your lovers picture.  This is the Spell Casting part of the potion.  The first part of the Magic.

Next, you will need to present it to the person the love potion was created for.  The person you wish to have fall in love with you.  We suggest presenting the Love Potion as a new Cherry Juice that you created.  Have them try it out.  Again, only a drop of the Love Potion needs to be ingested for the Potion to be able to do its Magic. 

After a half hour you may begin to notice the person you gave the serum to start to stare at you.  This is the sign you are looking for that the Love Serum has began to work its Magic.  Again, the items in the Love Potions Serum are non toxic and safe. 

NOTE:    It is very important for you to tell NO ONE that you created this Love Potion.  The Magic contained in it is very "protective"  of its owner.  This owner or creator is YOU.  You will feel a magical bond after this spell has been cast. 


Love Potion / Love Serum  / Love Potion # 38 Facts:

Love Potions took many hundreds of years to create and perfect.  With all Magic you must be careful where you learn it.  We at Extreme Spells have gone to great lengths to ensure you are given real, beginner potions and spells to try and enjoy.  Spells and Potions that are safe, natural and effective.  All of our Magic is top shelf and of the very best quality.  . 

Love Potions are almost always created with natural, safe items.  Using Crows feet, toads toung etc. are simply myths and effects movies and TV have created for effect.  99% of all Love Potions, Serums, Spells, and Spell Castings use safe, natural items.  These items are not enough of course.  High power potions and spells require a great deal of training and experience in the field of Magic.  Trust only professional spell casters like for your serious needs and desires.



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"Love Potion # 38 is an effective and powerful Free Love Potion Serum.  Many customers have found great happiness using this very love potion.  We hope you can find fantastic happiness with our free potions and free spells.  Don't forget we offer professional love spell castings as well!  All the best!"
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