The Morphic Energy Field and Universal Energy Waves Explained

The Morphic field connects all life and every living thing.  The best description of it would actually come from Science fiction.  Star Wars describes a "Force" that connects everything.  Within this Morphic Field we find Morphic Energy Waves or Universal Energy waves.  These waves are what carries Spells, Healing Magic, Thoughts and other non physical energies.  Many people who study the Morphic Energy System believe that our dreams are rooted in the field and we actually get to peek our heads into it when we sleep.  This is of course an opinion and theory.  Our Spell Castings are cast and sent through the Morphic Field on the Universal Energy Waves that connect us all. 

Just like the World Wide Web literally connects everyone in many ways, the Morphic Energy Field all around us acts as the same connective device but only on a non physical level.  Meaning it connects our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  This is what makes Spell Castings possible.  The Spell casting actually taps into the Morphic field and send a certain request or message.  If you had a Make Me Irresistible Spell Cast then we would send you Attraction Energies with our Make Me Irresistible Love Spell.  Maybe you need a Lover to return and our Return My Lover Spell would be the best choice. When these Energies arrive within you, they enter your being and project a magnetism type of force that attracts others who you are attracted to. 

One of the best aspects of the Morphic Energy Field is that is operates on a very high frequency making negative and non-positive feelings, spells and emotions very difficult to enter. Positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and even Spells all operate on a set "Vibration"  The more positive the Spell, the higher and faster the vibration.  The Morphic Field itself operates on a Medium Vibration allowing a wide range of Spells to be used within it.  Obviously, dark spells and black Magic must use other forms of travel to reach their intended marks.  This is where Grey Magic comes into play but that is another topic. 

Some Spell casters have found ways to "piggy-back" negative spells or revenge spells on top of positive and high vibration spells like Love Spells, Money Spells, Custom Love Magic and more.  Usually this is very difficult as the Morphic Field is very structured and cannot be easily manipulated.  Basically, the Morphic Energy Field is the "World Wide Web" that Magic Spells use to reach their mark.  Consider a Spell itself like an e-mail message that must be sent.  Once we have the target or "E-mail address" so we know where to send the spell, we simply hit the send button or "Cast Out".  Just like e-mail, it arrives at its location and does the intended job.  There is a great deal more to the entire subject but this is what the Morphic Energy Field is and what it is used for. We hope to serve you soon with one of our fantastic Morphic Field Love



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