Money Spells and Spells that Attract Luck, Success and Fortune and actually very effective!  When a trained Spell Caster is casting your Money Spell the energies will infuse you and surround you. 

Ever notice how certain people in your life seem to ALWAYS win and come out ahead?  No matter what they do they always get their way.  On the other side I am certain you know people who CANNOT WIN.  They ALWAYS seem to LOSE no matter the odds! 

We all know people like this right?  HOW is this possible?

We ALL know people like this.  We all have seen this example right in our lives!

Ever wonder why this is?  One Word....


That's Right!  LUCK.  Luck is a direct example of Magic and how we use it. 

Did you know LUCK can be created shaped and sent?  Its TRUE!  This is what we call SPELL CASTING.  Our Money Spells are some of the BEST online.  Before you try the free Spells below, take a look at our fantastic Money Spells that Work fast Here!


Money Potion # 38

 Our 100% Free Money Magic Potion To Attract Success, Fortune & Fame

 Attract Money, Success and Fortune Serum
Money Potion # 34


Money Potions like this one "Money Potion # 34"are very real and are very effective.   We have created several free Potions / Love Potions / serums / Truth Serums  and Money Potions like this one to display just how powerful Extreme Love's money and luck magic is! Our Money Spells and Success Spells and Potions are Second to None! 

Why do we give Free Money Spells and Free Money Potion Secrets away? 

It is simple really.  To PROVE how effective our Magic is!  To show you without a doubt that we KNOW Money and Success Magic Spells and Magic Potions. 




"Attract Money, Success and Fortune Serum"

 We Another fantastic Free Beginner Money Potion for you to create.  This easy, safe and effective potion has been very successful at bringing Money, Fortune, Luck and overall Success into countless peoples lives.  Try this easy to do / beginner Money Magic Potion for yourself.  Again, our potions are always safe, natural and effective to use and cast. 




Attract Positive Energies and Attract Fortune and Good Luck

If your financial statues is very bad, this affordable Money Spell will help greatly.  People have reported lottery winnings, inheritances, and raises in pay almost immediately!  This spell works best if you make under $65,000 a year (but is still effective if you make more)

$$$         $$$       $$$        $$$       $$$

Winnings, raises and findings are all major ways you will come into money! Guaranteed to work or your money back! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee








   Please note, we are NOT responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of our Free Money Potions, Serums or Free Money Spells

Free Money Potion  -- "Serum / Potion #34"

Money Potion # 34

"Attract Money, Fortune & Success"



2 Cups of Pure Spring Water

2 Cups of Lime Concentrate Juice

5 Clovers Freshly Picked

10 Blades of Grass at least one inch long From Your Home (the grass must be picked from the home where you sleep every night's yard)

1 teaspoon of Nutmeg

1 coin from the year of your birth

3 green Candles

1 green piece of paper

1 green writing tool (even a crayon will be fine)

1 wooden bowl

1 wooden spoon

A picture of yourself or whoever the potion is for.

This Money Attraction Potion is one of Extreme Spells best Free potions.  Again, it is a great casting to attract wealth, fortune and overall money.  Gather all of the above items and do the following...

Mix the water, Lime Juice, Clovers, Grass Blades and Nutmeg into the large wooden bowl.  Place the three green candles in a triangle formation around the wooden bowl and light them.  Take the Green paper and write your full name on it (using the green crayon) Place this paper with your name on it in the middle of the green candles as well.  Make sure it is flat.  Next, proceed to mix the Money Potion in a clockwise direction for 45 seconds. 

Next, take the coin with your birth year on it and submerge it entirely in the Money Potion.  Leave the coin in the serum for an additional 45 seconds.  Take the coing out and place it on the paper below where your name is written. 

As you mix the potion again in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE motion this time, repeat these words out loud 5 times... Love Potion

"Fortune and Fame adhere to my Flame, for on this paper you will see the name!  The name that will assume this new found wealth, along with abundant Power and Wealth!" The Name

Once completed, blow out the three candles, take the potion and pour it on the spot you picked the grass. Finally, bury the coin, rolled up in the paper within 3 feet of the spot that you poured out the Money Potion Serum.  This is the beginning of the Magic Casting as well as the Potions Energy itself.  It will grow and grow.  Believe and have faith in your new Spell Casting.

NOTE:    As always, when you use a potion to cast out Spell Energies like above, you will actually create a "bond" of sort with the Magic itself.  Iy is a feeling that can only be described after you feel this Magic energy in you.  Keep this a secret.  Keep it descreet that you used a Money Potion / Money Spell to attract wealth.  Magic energy works best this way.


Money Attraction Potion / Money Magic Serum  / Serum # 38 Facts:

Its VERY important to never tell anyone about your potions or Spell Castings unless they are involved in the Potions Creation or the Spells Castings.  This is VERY important in the use of Money Potions.  Once created, a Magic bond is born that is very intimate.  It exists between you and your Magic and must not be broken by words of disclosure.  Basically, keep your Magic Spell Castings and Love Potion Creations a secret from EVERYONE!

We offer a fantastic DIAMOND HEART MONEY SPELL as well for Wealth, Success and Fortunes!

Free Money Spells and Free Money Potions and Elixirs.  Attract Wealth, Fame, Fortune and Success with our Free Spells and Potions


"Money Potion # 34 is an effective and powerful Free Money Potion Serum.  Many customers have found great Wealth with this exact Magic Potion.  We wish you nothing but the best in your use of this Free Potion to attract wealth!  Don't forget we offer professional Money Spell castings as well!  All the best!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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