The Common Out Of Body Experience / Near Death Experience
"We Explore the Out of body experience or OBE as well as the NDE and the Common Stories" 

Part 2

Typical Near Death Experience Part 1       /       What Happens When We Die Part 2

"At the end of the tunnel was this brilliant and bright light.  Brighter then a thousand suns, brighter then a million suns!!  When I reached this light, I knew right away it wasn't just a light, but a BEING of light.  Better yet, THE BEING OF LIGHT.  The amount of LOVE that came from this being was immeasurable.  Literally, words cannot begin to tell you how much love and peace I found within this light.  Pure Love, pure acceptance.  This was my creator, without a doubt.  Here is what happened next..."

The near death experience now hits a very important part.  The encounter with the "being of light"

Within the common near death experience, the person is now within the presence of a brilliant being of light.  many people have described this person as God himself.  This being is almost always described as "brighter then a million suns" or more brilliant than anything you can possibly imagine"  Other people described this being as "bright beyond the word bright"  Its amazing that all of these different people encounter this same being.  What happens next is even more amazing...

The being of light emanates an indescribable amount of Love and Peace.  People who have described it have said that no amount of love and peace they have ever felt before can even come close to that way this being loved them.  It was an unconditional love.  A love that did not judge them but completely accepted them and literally embraced their entire spirit. 

The classic NDE always has this being of love and light within it.  The most interesting aspect is the fact that people who experience this being always describe it as "Indescribable"  "No words on earth can come close"  This is a very inspirational aspect of the classic near death experience.  It is clear to most people this being of pure light and love is GOD.  They describe him as our creator and a God of pure Love and immeasurable Peace. 

What happens next in the classic Near Death Experience is they are asked a simple question.  Not with audible sound, but with feeling!

"I cannot explain how this communication worked but I'm telling you it was clear as sound.  The being of light asked me, with (emotion or energy I suppose) what I have done with my life to show him.  It wasn't a judgmental question but rather a reflective one.  This being, was not capable of judgment.  The love that come from it was just awesome"  One person stated 

In the classic NDE the being send a question to the person


The Near Death / Out of Body Experience...

to be concluded

Typical Near Death Experience Part 1       /       What Happens When We Die Part 2

Near Death Experience (N.D.E.) / Out of Body Experience Fact:

Almost every NDE or OBE account will contain a being of light or a "bright light" filled with love and energy.  many people who return consider this being God or their creator.

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"The God that most people see with an NDE or an OBE is a God of pure light and of pure love.  This God is never a God of wrath or punishment.  The God they see and feel emanates more love and peace then can literally be described with words.  An absolutely beautiful thing to ponder"
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