"Can you have spirituality, religion and Magic in your life?"


"The Best Way To Believe is to Accept and Love Others"

Religion, the tough guidelines.


   Since its creation, religions have set aside one group of believers from the next.  Since man has learned to walk on two feet, we have KNOWN, instinctively, we have a "soul"  From that, man created religions or belief structures that they feel best describes our "Spirit" and even God himself.  Its amazing that man has always had the instinct of knowing we have a higher self or soul.  If you look at the countless tribes throughout our existence and the great distance that separated them all, you will find striking similarities with their belief structures.  Why do you suppose this is?  Why is it that man has always seemed to believe in an everlasting soul or spirit?  This instinct, we believe lies within each man and always has.  Since our TRUE SELF is that one of a spirit or soul, it is not surprising we have a sense of its existence.  Its nature, even though it is of supernatural parts.

Since man has realized we have a spirit, man has created religion.  So many civilizations have tried to define what they feel God is.  History is full of them.  One common factor seems to loom over them all.  God is a Loving God.  This is a general rule of course as there are certain faiths that do not feel this way. 

Regardless, from our studies of the Near Death Experience and its thousands of witnesses, God is a God of pure Love and Peace.  Religion has put a major divide among men that has caused a great deal of death and destruction.  The "My God is Better the Your God" factor is to blame for countless deaths and a major amount of destruction.  Look at history and you will see it is filled with religious extremists and their quest to prove this fact at ANY cost.  Religion set up a great many rules to prevent anyone from seeing things from another point of view.  This can be very restricting and unfair. 

A large misconception with Spell Castings are they are evil in nature.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Spells and Spell Casting is safe and very natural.  As with any art, the person behind it will define if it is evil or now.  Spell energy is a natural thing and is not Evil or wrong in any way. Now, an Evil Spell Caster can use these natural tools to do wrong.  This is Evil and this is wrong but the Spell Energy itself is NOT evil. 


Spell Casting and Religion can exist hand in hand if you perceive them as they are.  Tools to reach a better level of spirituality! Tools for Good!  Tools to make YOU a better person on ALL LEVELS!

QUESTION:  Is having a Spell Cast against my religion?

ANSWER:  Our Spell Castings DO NOT infringe or go against most faiths and religions.  Why? Our Spell Castings are positive, loving and of nature itself.  No EVIL is ever used with the casting of our Spells.  They are not against your religion.  They are safe and natural tools to have!

We Believe in one Loving God that will not judge you for being human.  Love your fellow man as yourself and you will never go wrong!  I hope this helps shed light on the subject of religion and Spell Casting.  -- Master Taylor


The Near Death Experience  

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QUESTION:   How do I order a Spell to be Cast and what is the process?
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"We believe that God loves us all and this Love is unconditional.  We accept all faiths and all religions.  Also, our Castings and of nature and its energies.  No negative or dark forces are EVER used in Extreme Spells castings.  We wish you nothing but Love and Happiness and hope to serve you soon!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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