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If being a bit shy and insecure are things that burden your life, a quick casting from our free Shyness Spell below can turn things around.  It has a slight amount of our Attraction Spells energies combined with a low and safe level of the right Magic Spell components to form our first spell casting to help cure "Shyness" 








Spells Cast to help you become less shy are essentially "Custom Spells"  These are Castings designed to give the Caster a set number of requests per Spell Casting.  At the Circle, we offer Custom Spell Castings that grant the customer 8, 10 and 12 separate requests.  Of course, one of these requests would be stated like this...

1.  Grant me the ability to not be shy any longer
2.  Increase my self esteem
3.  Make me radiate confidence
4.  Make my ability to control my life come easy

Of course you can word your requests any way you like but essentially, the issue of being "shy" or "insecure" is dealt with on many levels and from many angles.

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Half cup of sesame oil

A few coriander leaves

A glass bowl

Must incense

Pencil and paper

If you’re feeling too shy to make the first move, cast this spell during the first hour of morning sunlight.

Mix together in a glass bowl the sesame oil and coriander leaves.  Light the musk incense and think about your intended lover while you repeat this incantation:


Next, draw a stick figure on to a piece of paper.  Dip your finger into the sesame oil and coriander mixture and touch the drawing while you repeat the incantation 3 more times.  Keep the drawing in your dresser drawer.









Free Shyness Spell Casting Fact:

Being shy can be the result of your life's experiences or from your childhood memories and they way in that you were raised.  The good news is Magic can actually reverse and stop this problem if the right Spell is cast for it.

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"We know being shy is not your fault.  many things in our life determine our personality and our personality trait.  Being shy and shyness overall is not something you choose to have but it CAN be helped.  Our free Shyness Spell casting can make your personality bloom and a new and powerful character can immerge.  The person you always dreamed of being!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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