When To Cast Spells and The Best Time To Cast Your Spell.

When is the best time to cast a Love Spell?  When is the best time to cast a Money Spell?  What Holiday is BEST for Revenge or Justice Spells?  What time of the day is most effective to get great results from your Spell Casting?  Of course the answer depends on the Spell you are casting.  When To Cast a certain Love Spell or a Certain Custom Spell depends on what form of Spell Energy.

 Many people ask us "When do you cast your spells" and again, when we cast certain Spells and what Time to cast a set Spell on depends on countless factors.  The main factor on when to cast Spells is TRAINING.  Do you have enough Spell Casting Training? 

We always suggest having a professional Spell Caster like Extreme Spells cast your spell for you but if you choose to cast a beginner spell yourself the time you cast your spell may be a vital factor. 

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Still, the Question remains.  "When is the best time to cast Spells?"  Every Beginner Spell Casting has certain Times of the Day or Certain Days of the Week (or both) where it's energy will be best cast out on.  Certain days of the week hold certain Magic properties and thus can enhance your spell and its casting.  This is ONLY a priority if the Spell Caster has very little or no training in the field of Magic Spell Casting. 

When you use a Free Spell and you choose to cast it make sure you use the below corresponding day to enhance its Magic and power to the fullest.

Sunday The "Last Day of the Week" per Se and a relatively weak day in terms of overall Magic  Spells Cast on Sunday are for tranquility and peace.  Also, certain protection energies are cast on Sunday. 

Monday   -  The day Monday is the beginning of the week and therefore is considered best for Spells with intentions of new beginnings.  Money Magic and Money Spells are best cast out on Mondays.

Tuesday - Spells relating to growth, strength an success are best cast our on Tuesday afternoons.  A low Magic day.

Wednesday - Spells cast for certain binding situation and certain custom Spells are generally cast out on Wednesday.  Spell reinforcements are generally cast best on mid week days like Wednesday. 

Thursday - Spells to attract Luck and Wealth are best cast on Thursdays.  Thursdays are a day of high Magic.  Especially if they are later in the month. 

Friday - By far the second highest day for Magic is Friday.  Many Love Spells and Spell for Lovers and Relationships are cast out on Fridays and Fridays around noon to be more direct.  This time has a deep Magic strength.

Saturday - Break up Magic and justice Spells are cast out on this powerful day.  Saturdays have the MOST Magic but are generally used for Revenge Spells and Curses.  Some HEX Spells are cast on Saturdays as well. 

Free Spell Casting Fact:  The time of day or time of week to cast your spell is an important factor in most beginner or intermediate Spell Castings.  Certain times and days of the week have certain energies and a set spell casting works best when cast during the right time


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"When to Cast a Spell can be one of the most important factors in all beginner Spells.  When to Cast a Spell is most likely the second or third most important aspect in all beginner spells.  Be certain to know what time your Spell must be cast at."
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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