White Magic Spells and White Magic Spell Castings Explained.


These are common questions concerning 5the use of White magic Spell Energy and White magic Castings. 

If you look around the internet you will see many forms of Magic.  Black Magic, White magic, Grey Magic,  Evil Magic etc.  It is very hard to know what is what.  What Magic is safe and what is not safe.  Magic and Magic Spell casting services are everywhere but what exactly IS MAGIC or Magic?  What is the difference in the types?  We will explore the various types of Magic (Magic) and cover their meanings and purposes.

White Magic or White Magic is the purest form of Spell Energy.  When a person uses this Energy they do not use any elements or factors that will make the Spell Energy dark or evil.  White magic CAN however contain 1% grey Magic but no more.  Any more grey magic and it will become grey magic itself. 

Let us explain what each term means.

White Magic -- Magic energy or spell energy that is of the purest nature.  White magic contains no evil or dark energies.  Spells that use white magic never have selfish or vengeful properties.  An example of white magic would be a Magic spell cast to help another.  A white Magic spell casting would ONLY benefit someone else.  Its energies are of a very fast vibration and are selfless in nature. 

Black Magic -- The opposite of a white magic spell casting would simply be a black magic spell casting.  A black Magic spell would be cast with the intent to harm or seek revenge.  Quite simply, a black magic spell is of a very slow vibration and is far easier to cast than a white magic spell.  As the old saying goes, it is far easier to do evil then to do good.  This is why White Magic Energy exists at a very high vibration.  Black magic is very easily used and can be directed to cause great harm. 

Grey Magic -- Grey magic is the most common form of Spell Energy.  Grey Energy contains both good and evil properties.  The level of grey Energy can vary greatly.  For instance, a Spell may contain 10% white Energy and 90% black energy then is is STILL grey Energy but it is most likely a Custom Revenge Spell or Justice Spell Casting.  The spell may seem more evil but it still cannot be classified as black or white energies.

Most professional Spell Casters will use Grey Spell Energy as it has the most versatile and abundant properties.  Grey Spell Energy is neither good nor evil and thus opens many doors to the spell caster himself.  Most Love Spells are composed of Grey Spell Energies.  With most spells, Love Spells require a bit of negative energy to be cast.  This is just simply the law of the land.  You cannot have a top without a bottom.  This simple rule holds true with Love Spells as well.  Below we will explain what percentage of each spell (on average) contains white Magic, grey Magic and black Magic.

Love Spells (world wide average)   90% White Magic -- 8% Grey Magic -- 2% Black Magic

Money Spells (world wide average) 50% White Magic -- 47% Grey Magic -- 3% Black Magic

Revenge Spells (world wide average) 60% Grey Magic  --  3% White Magic -- 37% Black Magic

Adult Spells (world wide average)  34% White Magic -- 32% Grey Magic -- 34% Black Magic

HEX castings (world wide average) 100% Black Magic

The use of Black Magic in ANY spell is OK as long as it is combined with other Magic types.  This dilutes its extreme negative properties (as used by the HEX revenge spell)  The HEX Spell casting is 100% black magic and is very effective for placing dark energies upon someone but It is VERY dangerous to use HEX spell energies without the proper training.  Even a small amount of white Magic will transform a black magic spells energy and properties.

White Magic Fact:

Most Spell Castings contain GREY MAGIC energies.  Only a small percentage of Spell Casting are 100% White Magic in nature.  White Magic only accounts for a small amount of the entire Magical energy in existence.


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"We always want you to be educated on the world of White Magic Spells and Magic Spell castings.  White Magic is a very pure and fast energy but isn't always the most powerful.  The best aspect of White Magic Spells is the results for White Magic Spells are always fairly fast.  White Magic Energy seems to manifest much more often and with far greater results.  We hope to serve you with one of our powerful Spell Castings soon!"
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