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Its never too late to forgive.

18 years of marriage is what Steve and Jamie shared.  Quite a long time by any measure.  Sadly, it seemed like Steve had hit a mid life crises and wanted more.  In every way.  He bought cars, jewelry (for himself) and even a tattoo.  The typical mid life crisis story.  It didn't end there.  To ensure Steve felt younger, he landed himself a younger woman on the side as well.  Naturally, this hit Jamie VERY hard.  She came to us for help.  She ordered the KEEP US IN LOVE spell to help, well, do just that.  Keep them in love.  It didn't take long for Steve's new flame to take him to the cleaners.  This quickly showed Steve what and who was really important.  He came home to his wife and children and to the REAL love he had created before his mid life crisis and poor decisions that nearly destroyed his life in every way.  The fake love, flash and show items he chased he quickly realized were just that, show and 100% fake.  No real substance or meaning.  He is now back with Jamie and she has informed us she has forgiven him and has begun to rebuild their lives.  Its never too late to start over.  Its never too late to forgive.

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