Break Up Spells and Real Modern Magic Spell Castings to Break Up a Couple Fast. 
Break Up and Separation Spell Castings by Professionals that Deliver Real RESULTS with REAL - PRIVATE Modern Morphic Magic Energy.

Break Up Spells can be used for MANY reasons.  Sometimes a couple needs help breaking up with a Break Up Spell Casting.  many relationships are simply toxic for both partners and a Break Up Spell Casting is PERFECT to assist them in the break up process!

Before we begin, let us ask you where YOUR situation fits best....


1. Is your ex lover HURTING YOU by taunting his or her new relationship just to hurt you and provoke you? 

2.  Do you know a MISERABLE couple that NEEDS to be broken up for BOTH their sake? 

3.  Are you IN a relationship that needs to be separated but you CANNOT out of fear or obligation?

4.  Do you KNOW a person in a relationship that wants and needs to leave the relationship but simply cannot out of shear fear? 

If you answered YES to ANY of these four questions you need our powerful and effective BREAK THEN UP SPELL CASTING.



This Private and effective Magic Spell Casting literally INFUSES the person of your choice with energies that create utter disgust and disregard for the relationship you want ended.  The best part of our Break Up Spell Casting is how it unfolds or "works"

The Relationship You Want ENDED Simply Ends Suddenly & Without Warning.


It means that once this casting is completed, the person or couple that the Break Up Spell is Cast upon simply will want NOTHING to do with each other? 

Have you ever suddenly just lost interest in a person or a task?  Believe it or not, you most likely were attracting the same type of energies that this spell casts out.  These energies create a severe and powerful desire to leave the current relationship or situation.  The energies are NOT EVIL, NEGATIVE or DARK in any way.  The Break Up Energies we use are NATURAL and SAFE.  The Circle at Extreme Love Spells uses powerful White magic and Morphic Energy for every Spell Casting we offer.Guaranteed Love Spells and Magic with Real Results Fast

ORDER OUR "BREAK THEM UP" Spell Casting today and get another Spell Cast of equal value 100% Free.  After you order, send the name of one person in the relationship to us as well as the city where they reside and the casting will be complete within 24 to 48 business hours.  That is all that is required to cast our "Break Them Up" Spell.  See our QUESTIONS section for more details after you complete your order.

Remember, your order is Private, Safe, and Guaranteed to
Produce Results or Your Money back! 

The Higher the Power Level, the faster and more permanent the results. 







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A powerful and effective free love spell to separate or break up a couple. Use this spell to separate a wife and husband, break up a marriage, separate a couple who is happy, break up a marriage etc.  This separation and break up Spell works best when the couple you wish to break up has done harm to you.

Please note:  This free Break Up Spell you see below is very weak and has very little power. It was created this way to be safe for you to cast.  The Circle at Extreme Spells offers many Professional Break Up Spells that are VERY POWERFUL and deliver fantastic and guaranteed results.  A few of our Break up spells are as follows...

BREAK THEM UP -- A Powerful Spell to Break up or separate a couple.  This Break Up Spell contains special Morphic Energies to make a couple want to separate or break up on their own accord as they will soon not be able to stand each other.  A very effective spell casting to break up a couple that needs to be separated.

BREAK THEM UP AND BRING BACK MY LOVER -- If you need to break up a couple that contains your Ex Lover this is the casting you require.  You can read more about this powerful Break Up Spell here.  As with all of our castings, our Break p Spells are 100% guaranteed or your money back. 

KEEP MY LOVER FAITHFUL  --  If you simply are looking to keep your lover faithful and NOT to break up, this Love Spell is a great choice.

RETURN MY LOVER  --  Not a Break Up Spell but rather a Love Spell to Return Your Lover with new feelings of passion and romance.


Safe    ---    Effective    ---    Natural     ---   Private



Magic Spell Casting Fact:

"Break up Spells account for 20% of Love Spell Requests ordered or Cast online. The other 80% of the people want their ex lover back.  Always be SURE if you really want your Ex Lover back or not.  This is a very important decision only YOU can make!"


"We know seeing your ex lover with another is painful.  This is why we have created the BREAK UP SPELL.  Our BREAK UP SPELLS are a safe and private way to break up your ex lover or another troubled couple that needs to be broken up fast.  A safe, private and effective way to deal with a bad combination or troubles situation.  Harm is never done to anyone as a result of our Break Up Spells of course"

Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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