Below you will find the selection of our Free Potions,
Serums and Elixirs. All created to be safe but still potent.  The Magic contained in these potions once you finish them will be powerful enough for most problems and issues.

Extreme Spells, Extreme Love Spells and True are all members of the Powerful Circle of Eight.  The Circle of Eight brings fantastic Magic to your very home with our easy to do, free Love Potions and Free Spell Castings.  Find the Spell or Potion that is right for you and enjoy!

 If you do not produce results with your own magic, we do offer powerful, professional level castings that are off the charts in terms of power and effectiveness.  Spells for Love Spells for Money, Spells for Fame, Spells for Revenge.  Name it and we can create a potion or Spell Casting for it. No matter what the issue or problem is,


Free Love Potion Directions, Free Magic Potions for Love Problems, Potions for Revenge, How to make Love Potions, How to Create Magic Spell Potions that work.  Real Potion Ingredients.  Love Potions and Love Potion Directions.  Potions work and they can work very well.  We offer fantastic Free Information on Love Spells and Love Potions.  Enjoy our Free Section on Potions.

Free Magic Potion / Magic Serum to Pass any Exam or Test

Need to pass a test in a hurry and don't have what it takes to make the grade? This IQ test helps your mind become like a sponge.  It also allows you to recall memories from things you long have forgotten about.  Another example of how Magic Spell Castings work through the mind.

Free Magic Potion To Pass any Test or Exam!
Try This Fantastic Free Potion By

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Love Potion # 38 / Free Love Potion To Make
a Person Fall Deeply In Love With You.  If you long for a certain someonene and you want their total and complete Love and Affection, this Free Love Potion is perfect.

 Love Potion #38 is Free and Affordable way to create and use yet still very effective.  This Free Potion is our gift to you for visiting our site and reading about our fantastic Spell Casting service..

 "How to Make Love Potion # 38" Instructions included with Potion"

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and feel its Loving Energies

Money Potion # 38
Our Another Free Potion we offer is our fantastic "Money Potion #38"
This Money Potion almost was not posted as a free Serum as it is a very powerful
Potion in terms of Magic content.

The energies of this Elixir also deliver success, fame and fortune energies. 
By far one of our BEST Free Items we grant access to. 

 To Attract Money, To Bring  Success and Grow Your Fortune,
Use Serum "Money Potion # 34"

Click HERE to access this beautiful example of the
Circle and its ability to cast the right spell for any problem you have. 



Also, for a very limited time, we are instructing our viewers on how to create a Voodoo doll.  Take a look HERE and learn to make your very own Voodoo Doll for revenge castings and Voodoo Magic!

NOTICE!  Please use Voodoo Dolls and Voodoo Magic at your own risk. and the Circle or Eight Spell Casters can not be help liable for any damages, emotional or physical from the resulted use of our Voodoo Doll Spell Castings and
Your Magic Potions & Love Spell PROFESSIONALS!

Quick Potion Fact...

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your Potion or  cast it or consume it on a daily basis but no more frequent. If the Potion states otherwise, do not go against those guidelines.

Potions are very complex even though they may seem the opposite.  Many years have gone into trail and error of what you must use for your Love Potion.


"We hope you enjoy this Free Potion & We look forward to serving you with one of our fantastic Love Spell Castings as well.
Try our Professional Strength Spells to help you with Love, Money and More. We thank you & wish you fantastic results!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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