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After All We have Been Though -- A true love story about Bridget & Joe


After 7 years my lover left me.  We (Tim and myself, Shannon) were to be married and I was beyond devastated.  I knew we had grown apart a little but I had no idea he was literally throwing the towel in on our relationship after 7 years.  I was crushed with a broken heart.  This pain was UNBEARABLE.  He didn't want me and I was lost without him.  I tried everything to get him back. For 4 weeks I looked through Love Spell and Spell Casting Websites. Overall I tried 7 with 2 Ps.  I was shocked with how I was treated.  One site, called FastSpells.com literally threatened me if I didn't order more spells!  I later found out that FastSpells.com was a total scam.  STAY AWAY FROM THEM.  The bottom line is I went through a bunch of online Magic Spell Casters, Voodoo Castings, Love Potion Sellers Etc.  You get my drift.


On a last ditch effort I was researching Legit Spell Casters Online and found a website called www.ExtremeLoveSpells.com/LOVE. They offered a third party review of many spell casting and Psychic Websites.  I saw they interviewed a Master Sam Taylor From www.ExtremeLoveSpells.com.  I found the interview "realistic" and not full of fake BS and false promises.  It was funny and not at all one sided.  Daily Magic also did an investigation of a bunch of Spell Casting Websites (I already tried) and found almost all knew little or nothing about the trade they boasted about. I decided to make a choice.


I logged onto www.ExtremeLoveSpells.com & www.ExtremeLoveSpells.com/LOVE.html (Extreme Spell's Sister Site) and found their site warm and comforting.  They weren't offering promises to make you travel in time, turn invincible, cure cancer or ANYTHING unreal.  They offered REAL, PROFESSIONAL help to people who needed the power of Magic.  Well I did.  I needed LEGIT, REAL help and fast.  I had no where to turn and I was ashamed to be even considering this.  I Thought I had been taken by 6 or 7 other sites, why not try one more?


Well, I did.  I HAD to as I was sick with a broken heart. I found the best love spell for my situation was the Global Love Spell.  It was a bit Pricey for $159 but if it worked would it be worth it?  OF COURSE.  I couldn't put a price on having Tim back.  I would have paid $1,000,000 if they assured me the love spell casting would work.  Anyway, I ordered.  They had (and still do I believe) a Buy One Get One Free Special on All Spell Castings. I Got the Global Love Spell Casting and A Free Money Spell Casting with it.  What sold me was they offered a full 100% money back guarantee on all spell castings.  It didn't matter if it was a money spell, love spell, custom spell, REVENGE spell etc.  It seemed they stood behind their customers so i bit. 


I thought I was scammed again.  A week went by after my order and nothing.  I didn't even hear back from the casters for 5 days.  They informed me my spell was cast and went well.  They said something about a resistance factor being high and that was not a good sign but the casting was still a success.  I found this good and bad.  Good that they were honest and didn't just say YOUR SPELL WAS CAST AND WENT DYNAMIC DUPER GREAT!  They were honest with me.  This was good and bad.  bad that I kind of WANTED to be lied to. I needed SOME comfort, even if it was a blatant lie from another site to get me. 


My Phone rang and it was my Ex Tim.  I hadn't heard a WORD from him in a month.  The love spell was cast a week prior but at this moment It didn't hit me that this was maybe why he was calling me. When I saw the caller ID I thought I must be dreaming.  Then I ran to it and acted like I wasn't the least bit interested in him calling but my heart was POUNDING. To make this long story short, HE WAS HIMSELF AGAIN!  He wanted to talk and said he woke up that morning and wanted to talk and see me more than anything.  He said I had been on his mind for "A Week" Coincidence?  Either way, HE CAME BACK.  Either way, It Worked in my opinion.  Either Way, I was HAPPY.  I E-mailed www.ExtremeLoveSpells.com and praised their work.  I TOTALLY forgot about the free Money Spell Casting I had Cast.  The following month I got a call from Social Security and they had a message for me.  It seems they have been Under paying me and they owed me a LUMP SUM PLUS $358 a month MORE in benefits.  The Lump Sum was $93,454.94!!!!  When I got that call I FROZE. Chills went down my spine and I KNEW this was no coincidence.  I KNEW my Spells had manifested just as they promised. 


I had Tim, I had almost a Hundred Grand and I had peace and happiness.  When I told the Circle of Eight (the members of Extreme Spells) they were just calm and collective like this is normal.  It wasn't normal for me and I was ecstatic.  I will praise them and promote them until I'm blue in the face.  Was it coincidence? Luck? Chance?  I Seriously doubt it because 4 out of 5 friends and family I have refereed to Extreme Spells have had great results.  The LEAST I can do is offer a good review of my new friends.  That and a front table invitation to mine and Tim's Wedding!  Seriously!  We invited them all!  LOL 


Thank you for letting me share my story and I hope this info helps you decide on the right Spell Caster for your problem as well.  Sincerely, Shannon

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