Top Ten Myths and Top Rumors about Magic Spell Casting

What are the TOP Myths of Spells and magic?  What are the TOP Myths and Superstitions in Spells and magic?  The Facts may surprise you.  We will show the Top Ten Myths in the world of Spell Casting.

We explore the top tem myths that are related to the world of "Spells" and "Spell Casting" & list very important facts and figures that will help shed light on many misconceptions and superstitions about this art.

Myth 10.  You need long, intense training to Cast Spells  --  This is actually partly true.  You DO need training for Professional Spell castings but there are basic spells that people can cast at home safely and without training.

Myth 9.  Spell Casting goes against Christianity or (Insert Your Faith Here)   Spell Castings are the most natural, harmonious, safe, positive things you can do (when the casting is not evil in intent) and they are in no means against any faith.  many religious systems simply instantly condemn ANYTHING that does not pertain to their set rules or written text.  This is, unfortunately very closed minded. 

Myth 8.  Spells are the work of the Devil  --  Not at all.  The art of Spell Casting is NOT EVIL and was NOT created by an evil being.  Again, this is another form of "fear" that was used to make sure people did not cast spells.

Myth 7.  When you Cast ANY spell, you create a KARMIC DEBT  --  This is also very false.  Spell casting is a natural and safe thing to do.  Nothing negative returns to you for casting any spell.  If this were the case, we would have been in trouble long ago as far as KARMA is concerned.  We have been casting spells for well over 10 years and not one of us has had any negative Karmic Events.

Myth 6.  Spell Casters are Witches  --  A myth created during the great witch hunts.  Many times when you do things outside mainstream religion it creates a rift and it is instantly  considered evil.  Some self proclaimed "witches" DO cast spells but all spell casters are most certainly not witches.

Myth 5.  The WICCA religion is evil  --  The WICCA faith is a very natural and positive religion and faith system.  Its belief structure is nature based and very positive.  It teaches Love and respect for your human neighbor.  The Wicca or Wicca faith is most certainly not "evil"

Myth 4.  You Can Trust All Online Spell Casters  --  IA recent test was conducted by asking 30 online spell casters the same set of questions posing as a potential customer.  These questions were of things any novice spell caster would know.  Certain Casting facts and information EVERY caster of EVERY faith would have the answers to.  To their shock, 90% of these casters did not have ANY of these answers.  Proving they were NOTHING of what they said they were.  A very discouraging fact for certain. 

A easy way to tell if an online Spell Caster is a fraud is to see what spells they offer.  IF they offer ANY Spell Casting that is NOT reality based they are 100% FRAUDS and SCAMS.  An example would be that is an online Spell Caster claims they can make you travel through time, invoke a Magic Genie, make you invincible etc.  THEY ARE FRAUDS.

Myth 3.  Revenge Spells Attract Negativity  --  There is a major difference between Revenge Spells and Justice Revenge Spells.  To cast a Spell for pure Evil or Hurt is wrong.  The simple laws of nature will always bring harm to anyone who unjustly harms another.  This is the case no matter what faith you have or what religion you follow.

Myth 2. Having a Spell Cast is Just Like Praying for Something --  Spells, thoughts, emotions, wishes, and even prayer are sent out via the same path.  This is the Morphic Field of Energy.  This powerful field connects everything alive.  From me to you to a toad in Africa to a tree in the Jungle of the Amazon.  This Powerful Field of Pulsing and Living Energy envelops and connects us all.  Life IS Energy and this Energy is CONNECTED at many levels.  From the Physical, all the way to the Spiritual level.  This is why Prayers and Spells are SLIGHTLY related.  Again, only SLIGHTLY. 

They are NOT the same thing but they are both sent through the Morphic Field.  One main difference is they both have very different destinations.  Prayers are sent to the Spiritual or Heavenly plane while Spell energy is send right back down to the physical or earthly plane. They both simply start off from a person, then are sent THROUGH the Morphic Field.  Spells are directed via the Universal Energy Waves located inside the Morphic Field itself (this direction is decided by the type of Spell Casting). Prayers has no real "physical" destination so time and space do not apply to Prayer Energy.  It does not matter if you are praying to God, the Universe, a Loved One who has passed, a Saint or a Guardian Angel, the Prayers destination is in the Spiritual Realm.  This fact separates Prayers and Prayer energy completely from any limits set by time and space.  This allows Prayers to be received INSTANTLY.  See more on Prayers and What Praying Is HERE

The TOP MYTH IN SPELL CASTING:  The "3 Fold Rule" When you cast a spell, negative energy comes back at you 3 fold.  --  Probably one of the biggest myths and superstitions relating to Spell Casting.  This myth is basically the same as number 7.  It was created during the Witch hunts to scare people from Spell Casting or ANYTHING spiritual that WAS NOT related to mainstream faith and religion. Its clear this was a very effective scare tactic and rightfully so.  Again, if this myth were even remotely true, we, as the casters ourselves, would have been negatively impacted long, long ago.  This is a very common superstition and scare tactic that is completely false.

Free Spell Casting Fact:

The Myths created to keep people afraid of Spell Casting has done a good job.  Fear is a p[owerful motivator and most people believe that Spell Casting is an Evil or Dark Art.  This is a Complete Myth.  Our Spells are safe and natural. 




















"The top ten Myths relating to Spell Casting are very interesting.  When you look at these Myths and Superstitions you can see they were created to instill fear and doubt into people.  Clearly this tactic works.  The Top Ten Myths of Spell Casting is a very important section of our site to read and know.  We hope we helped you learn what is a Myth and what is real."
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