"Crystals are used in many Spell Castings as a lens or focusing
instrument due to their very effective energy conducting and binding properties"

What are crystals and how do they work in magic spells?


Crystals are used in many spell castings as they conduct a fantastic amount of Morphic spell energy.  The crystal acts as a lens to focus or direct a spells energy.  Some spells actually use Diamonds like our Diamond Heart Money Spell Casting as its energy is very powerful and the Diamond provides a layer of strength and power. 

The crystal is a cheap and affordable lens that can conduct a great deal of Spell energy.  The crystal also holds a great deal of Magic energy as well as conducts and directs it.  Crystals may be cheap but they are very valuable when it comes to Magic energy and spell casting.  It is estimated that 10 to 30% of all Spell casting require a crystal of some sort, shape or form. 

Crystals have always been a very important link in the spell casters chain and can be traced back hundreds of years within the spell components itself. 

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Free Spell Casting Fact:

Crystals and Gems are Used in Professional Spell Castings for the purpose of magnifying the Spell Casting and the Spells Energy Itself.  The more precious the Crystal used in the casting, the more powerful the Love Spell Casting.  Free Spells generally are lover power and do not require the use of Crystals.  This keeps most free spells safe to cast and use at will.

Crystals have been used in Spell Castings since Spell Castings were created.  The energies are channeled through them and this creates a "lens" or a magnifying glass.  The Crystal acts just as that for the Spell Casting.  The more precious or rare the Crystal, the more intense the Spell Castings effect or manifestation. 



"The use of Crystals has always been a part of The Extreme Spells Circle Casting methods.  Crystals provide us with a fantastic way to shape and direct spell energy.  They contain an amazing amount of natural Spell energy as well.  When it comes to Spell Castings, Crystals are essential"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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