The Three Fold Rule Of Spell Casting Explained

"THE THREE FOLD RULE" or "Rule of Three"-- Whatever energy a person puts out or casts out via spell casting,  into the world or universe will be returned to that person three times as powerful.   Negative or Positive energies will be returned equally to the caster via the "rule of three" or "three fold rule"


NOTE:  This is the definition of the common belief of the Rule of Three or Three Fold Rule and NOT the opinion of The Circle of Eight.  Please know this.  We have placed the common definition of the Rule of Three to show you how it is defined by some branches of the Wicca or Wiccan faith. 


If you ask any person what the three fold rule is they will most likely give you a different answer each time.  There is so much myth, superstition and speculation around the world of Magic and Spell Casting it is amazing.  Half truths, semi-facts and flat our rumors seem to dominate what is readily believed by the public.  Amazingly, what is real and what is myth and superstition is quite different. 


As with any "rule" we must always consider the source of it or where it began and originated from.  Next we must find out WHY such a rule exists.  We must ask ourselves...

"If the three fold rule is false, why is it false?"  

equally, we must think:

 "If the three fold rule is real, why is it a fact?" 

Let us explain what we have experienced and what we know is FACT regarding the rule of three or three fold rule.  The entire Circle has had many talks and debates over what the real meaning of this rule is but one fact we all agree on is that the three fold rule is 100% false.  If this rule had any merit or real substance within our profession at least one of the Circle members or its many associates would have been impacted in some way.  After 40 combined years of casting, this has yet to happened.  Nothing negative has occurred as a result of our Spell Castings. 

We have many members that have cast out negative grey Magic energies that would most certainly yield negative consequences as a result of the Three Fold Rule.  The same is true for positive castings.  As the casters, we would be at the fore front of any negative repercussions as a result of the rule of three and the three fold rule.  The fact of the matter is, we have not.  Not once after a combined 40 years has anything remotely occurred as a result of a three fold rule. So, as we said, if the three fold rule is false (and this is our professional findings after many years of castings)

Why was the rule of three created?  For what purpose did this rule or myth serve?

One of the most effective means of keeping society in line is fear.  Fear is a very effective tool governments, leaders, politicians,  kings, presidents etc. use to keep us believing certain things, rules or guidelines.  Fear of breaking these rules keeps the masses from doing so.  Religion has used this tool since religion was created.  The fear to stray from or break certain religious rules kept the masses in line with that religions belief system.  During the witch hunts, people were accused of being a witch for the smallest of infractions against the current religion that was also law.  When a person was suspected of breaking the many rules set into place, the punishments were severe and far from just.  Thousands of people were killed in the name of religion.  You can imagine what this did to the masses.  It instilled tremendous FEAR and kept them in line.  This is where the Three Fold Rule was born.  During the time of the witch hunt this "rule" was said to be created.  Its purpose was to made a person considering witchcraft to be frightened by its consequences.  It made people afraid to even consider another faith or religion as the punishment and the consequences of doing so were far to great.


We hope you choose to make your decisions out of your own free will and you do not allow fear to control your life.  Fear can be used for good and for growth.  The Rule of Three is an example of fear used to control your actions and keep you restricted.  The best advise is to always do your homework on anything you doubt or question and never believe all you read or hear.  Always consider WHO make this statement and WHERE did it come from.  Most importantly, WHY was this statement made?  We at wish you great things and hope you enjoyed our article on the infamous "Rule or Three" or "Three Fold Rule" of the Wicca Faith.


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"The Rule or Three or Three Fold Rule was created to instill fear and terror into the hearts of people who wanted to not follow the religion of the time that basically governed the country.  The rule of three was created to keep people from straying from the religion that hunted witches and executed thousands of innocent people.  This blind faith can do amazing amounts of damage.  Remember to not think this way and always research and learn the facts.  Most important, draw your own opinion based on what YOU see, feel and learn! We wish you the BEST!"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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