The Common Near Death Experience Explained
"We Explore Death and the Common Near Death Experience or NDE"

"Suddenly I saw a truck's lights screaming towards me through the red light.  It was about 2 seconds but it seemed like an hour.  I know I'm finished.  The next thing I hear this HORRIBLE impact of metal and glass.  At the very same moment a SHARP PAIN enveloped my entire body but this pain was gone as fast as it came.  The next thing I know I am looking down at my body from 6 to 8 feet above.  Floating and Hovering in an existence of pure peace.  Its clear to me now, I just died"

The Near Death / Out of Body Experience...

The near death experience or NDE has been the topic of much dispute.  Below, will discuss the fantastic subject of the "Near Death Experience" or NDE and its many fascinating aspects.  On this page, you will find an unbiased, informative article on the Near Death Experience and why we have chosen it to be a huge factor in our faith and belief structure.

Let us first start at the very beginning and cover every aspect of the classic Near-Death-Experience.  In this article, we will put together the classic NDE and go through each stage step by step using the very same details that were taken from the testimonies of thousands of people who have been clinically dead only to be revived with this absolutely beautiful and fantastic story to share.  Lets begin our journey with a common belief about the Out of Body Experience after death.  This belief is...

The Typical Near Death Experience (NDE) or Out of Body Experience is "Just In The Brain"

One thing that is NOT common among people who have a near death experience is the WAY they die.  This is a fact that helps support the legitimacy of the NDE itself.  The methods that people have died and have had the NDE are as wide as the races, ages, locations, Sex, and most importantly, RELIGION themselves.  The classic NDE and its commonalities is shared by people of ALL faiths and religions.  Equally, it is shared by people of NO faith (Atheists).  This is yet another important factor that supports the legitimacy of this beautiful experience.

 Is this experience a defense attribute of a dying Brain? NOT LIKELY and here are two important reasons why...

 Religion & Evolution

(Yes, they both support, hand in hand, the Near Death Experience. 
Here is why the NDE is NOT a dying brains defense)

1.  The Religion Factor. IF the Near Death Experience was a part of the brains final fight for survival, our religion would most certainly play a MAJOR role in any afterlife, Godly or heavenly experience.  So with that, our believe system SHOULD provide us with a nice account of exactly what our religious or spiritual expectations are after we die. Why doesn't it then?  People of EVERY faith and as we have said above, people of NO FAITH all share the exact experience in 90% of all near death reports.  Clearly, if our brain was fighting for survival and this was merely a "dream" put on by our subconscious to make death painless, why in fact do people NOT see exactly what their religious beliefs tell them they will indeed see after death?  Every person that has the classic NDE always is well aware of their own death at some point.  So, why does the brain not put on the most appropriate show to comfort us during our last few minutes of electrical neural activity?  Why are 90% of NDE cases NOT based on any primary religious teachings?  In fact, they are very vivid, beautiful experiences filled with love, joy and peace.  There is no judgment and rarely any pain in the traditional NDE.

1.  The Evolution Factor.  If the Near Death Experience IS, in fact a defense mechanism built into our brains for our deaths, how was this trait passed down through our human evolution like other defense attributes we humans share?  For instance, when faced with danger, our "fight or flight" extinct kicks right  in.  This is an example of a natural, neural (based in our brains) defense we have developed over thousands of years of having experienced fear or danger.  When danger is experienced, our brain immediately goes into what is called the "Fight or Flight" mode.  Meaning "RUN AWAY or FIX THE PROBLEM RIGHT HERE BY STOPPING THE DANGER"

Also, over time and many generations, our bodies have developed many other natural defenses as well.  Defenses for disease via the immunities we have slowly developed to protect us.  As generations pass, our bodies are slowly producing less and less hair as we no longer need hair to keep us warm.   They are there to quite simply protect us from pain, sickness and death.  These defenses have been slowly developed over time by our ancestors experiencing the actual problems and pains that required our bodies to make the change in the first place.  The cold climate made our bodies require warmth and thus the need for hair.  These defense attributes were passed down through the line over many millennia.  Now, IF the near death experience WAS one of these natural, neurological defenses HOW was this developed and MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOW was it passed down the line TO develop in the first place since we cannot produce children after death?  This is an important factor we at the Circle like to bring up.

What to people see and feel when they die?

After one "dies" from whatever it was that caused their death, they usually find themselves above and looking down upon their own bodies.  As they face their own body they are usually faced with very similar thoughts.  In most Near Death cases reported, the person experiences no fear.  In fact, they usually feel quite "at-home" or familiar with their new existence.  You would think that the first thought would be of panic or fear.  Strangely, the classic NDE or Out of Body Experience leaves a person quite content at the very least looking down from their new vantage point above.  Most cases reported they were very much in a great mood looking down at their bodies!  Intense feelings of Love and Peace are almost always accompanied with the OBE or Out of Body Experience. 

Some of the most inspirational and fascinating aspects of peoples accounts of life after death is what they see and feel and they WAY they describe it.  Lets continue with more of the classic "Near-Death-Experience" story from the top of the page...


"I'm looking down at my mangled body covered in blood. My car is wrecked.  For some reason, I have NO FEAR.  In fact, the comfort and peace I feel up here is amazing!  I feel no pain and feel quite good actually.  Suddenly I am flying at a fantastic speed through what can only be explained as a void of sort.  It has a form of a tunnel and at the end, is this brilliant light.  The rate of speed I am moving at is just astonishing! I am getting closer towards this brilliant light and its brilliance is growing VERY bright and I feel the most....."

Continue this fantastic Story and the rest of our fantastic Article on Near Death Experiences on the next section at The Typical Near Death Experience Part 2  /   What Happens When We Die Part 2

Near Death Experience (N.D.E.) / Out of Body Experience Fact:

Almost every person that has a Near Death Experience returns from it a completely changed person in many ways.  Their spiritual side is completely reformed for the good.  90% of After Death Experiences are positive and of a loving nature.

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"We have studied the near death experience for decades and it is still one of the most uplifting spiritual matters we can ever learn about.  A fantastic form of natures Magic again.  To have an Out of Body / After Death Experience and live to tell the tell is to be truly blessed"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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