Lucid dreaming and Lucid Dreams Explained

How to Lucid Dream

Lucid Dreaming -- To awaken in your dream and take complete control of a whole new world that knows no limits. 
The world of your DREAMS!!

If you have always wanted to have a lucid dream or learn about Lucid Dreaming, this article can show you how.  Below you will find very simple exercises for lucid dreaming.  The meaning of Lucid Dreaming is to literally wake up within your dream and take control of it.  When you wake up within your dream you can have the most amazing time.  There are no limits, there are no physical boundaries,



When you Lucid Dream you learn to wake up and realize this is in fact a DREAM. At this moment the dream is no longer in control, YOU ARE.  Normally, your subconscious mind creates your dreams from many factors.  Many times your dreams are determined on what you ponder just before sleep.  When you learn the below methods for waking up within your own mind, the world of LUCID DREAMS Opens up. When this skill has been obtained, you can literally Lucid Dream at will.  Below are some exercises you can do to become very good at waking up within your dreams.

To learn to "Lucid Dream" you must wake up within your dream.  This requires practice and may take many moths or years before you actually can master the art of Lucid Dreams.  It requires literally tricking your own mind into letting to take the steering wheel of your dreams.

Things To Do To Learn To Lucid Dream

1.  Each night before bed, recite in your mind that you will indeed wake up within your dream You WILL LUCID DREAM.  Say these words exactly each night before bed...

"Tonight is the night I wake in my dream, to take control of all that is unseen"

2.  After you say these words, drink an 8oz glass of spring water.  The water represents a cleansing to your subconscious.  Know this fact as you drink the water. 

3.  After the water is drank, envision the water cleansing any and all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions from your mind.  You must feel as if you are going to sleep with a clean, crisp and completely at peace mind.  Take 5 minutes to sit quietly with no sound as you envision this.  Feel the water washing away any bad thoughts and memories of the day.  You want to feel completely at peace.  If you fall asleep during these 5 minutes, it is GOOD.  The Lucid Dreaming methods in the next steps will not need to be taken as you have reached a level of peace in your mind.

4.  After you have timed 5 minutes and sat quietly, its time to lay down.  Lay down as you would any other time.  On your side, your back or on your stomach is fine.  Whatever gives you the most comfort.  As soon as you get comfortable, repeat the following words again in your mind slowly and repeat them 10 times...

"Tonight is the night I wake in my dream, to take control of all that is unseen"

5.  As you lay in bed, envision a white and cleansing light start to shine upon your feet.  Slowly move this light up to the top of your head.  Make this vision last 30 to 60 seconds as the light radiates and erases any negativity from your entire being.  By the time the light reaches your head, you will feel completely at peace.  If any thoughts come into your mind, it is OK.  Simply use this white light of peace to erase them and know, your problems are just illusions.  You want a complete blank slate for your Lucid Dreaming. 

As you lay there, do your best to not ponder any negative thoughts.  To fall asleep, repeat the mantra over and over until you fall into a peaceful slumber. 

"Tonight is the night I wake in my dream, to take control of all that is unseen"

In time, you will suddenly realize you are dreaming!  When this happens, it is an amazing experience.  Most times, this happens and people will shrug it off within the dream but if you have practiced and you WANT to Lucid Dream and enjoy a whole new world, you will start to realize More and More that you are in fact IN a dream. 

The Moment you actually Wake up in your dream for the first time is the most amazing experience!  To Truly LUCID DREAM is to feel what a heaven is like to have no limits or no boundaries.  To be truly free.  We cannot explain what this feels like as you have to see for yourself.  It is NOT like regular thought.  It is like EXISTING within a whole new realm.  Like thinking and dreaming and existing all at once!  Enjoy this fantastic part of our existence!  The Extreme Spells Circle

Lucid Dreaming Fact:

With practice, most people can make fast progress with Lucid Dreaming within several months.  Use these Lucid Dreaming methods every night until you master the art of Waking Up Within Your Dreams!  Also, it is wise to not Lucid Dream every night as your subconscious needs to let loose and dream on its own.  We need dreams and we need to dream.  Only Lucid Dream once in a while after you have mastered it!




Lucid Dreaming Facts and How To Lucid Dream

"We know from experience that Lucid Dreaming WORKS!  It is a beautiful new world to wake up within your dreams.  We hope you get to see and feel the world of Lucid Dreams"
Master Samuel Taylor & The Extreme Love Spells Circle

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