Free Love Spells and The Top Free Spells You can Cast At Home offered By Extreme Love Spells and the Circle of Eight.  Below are the Top 10 Free Spells and Top 10 Spells you can cast from home.  They are Free, Safe, beginner and effective Spells you can cast right from home.

The Below Top 10 List of Free Love Spells is arranged according to the Spells Power Level, The Love Spells Manifestation Time, The Love Spells Effectiveness.  Essentially, these are the top Ten Free Spells we Offer for OVERALL Quality. 

On top of these great Free Spells, we offer a great deal of PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Magic Castings, Love Potions, Magic Money Potions, Ancient Love Strums, Our Famous Truth Serum, Free Success Spells and MUCH MORE!.

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With each Free Spell, we have full instructions and directions on how to properly cast each spell.  Each Love Potion also comes with instructions and complete HOW TO CAST directions.  All Spells and Potions are safe and effective.

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FREE SPELL # 10.  SPICE UP YOUR LOVE  --  Free Love Spell to spice up your love life.  This Love Spell gets a 4 out of 10 in terms of power and Magic effectiveness. Still, a very good Love Spell to help make your love life better and more exciting. 

FREE MARRIAGE SPELL # 9.  ENCHANTED WEDDING --  If you are looking to get hitched and seal the deal, this Marriage Love spell is a very effective free spell to cast.  Not as powerful or effective as our Professional Love Spell Castings, this Free Love Spell still can deliver real, powerful results.  This Free Spell gets a 5 out of 10 in terms of Magic and power.

FREE ATTRACTION SPELL # 8.  COME TO ME  --  An attraction Spell with RETURN MY LOVER Magic properties as well.  Not as powerful as our Professional Love Spells but still can manifest.  Ranked number 8 on our Top 10 Love Spells, it still can be effective on lesser situation and cases where you need a person or lover to come to you.

FREE LOVE SPELL # 7.  LOVER WHERE ARE YOU  --  A Free Spell we offer that will have a person you want and can not locate, appear in your life.  This Spell works best if the person you want to appear in your life has only been gone for 2 years or less.  Ranked number 7 on out Top 10 Free Love Spells List.

FREE EMOTION SPELL # 6.  SEE ME, FEEL ME  --  A great Free Spell we offer to have a person you want see and feel what YOU see and feel.  This casting has certain PROJECTION properties and has been reported to work in many cases and by users who have very little or no Magic Spell Casting training.  The See Me, Feel Me Love Spell ranks at number 6 on our Top 10 Free Love Spells. 

FREE SPELL # 5.  PERFECT PAIR  --  Feel as if you are both the PERFECT PAIR.  A good casting to help you both get along much better.  A great confidence booster Casting

FREE SPELL # 4.  SHY GUY/GIRL  --  If being shy or lacking experience are your issues, this Shyness Spell is a great way to strip that problem from your love life.  Confidence can skyrocket and overall pride are huge side effects of this Free Spell.  Ranked at a strong number 4 on our Top 10 list of Free Love Spells.

FREE SPELL # 3.  BRING BACK MY LOVE  --  A very popular spell and very powerful one in terms of overall power.  This spell seems to bring a great deal of satisfaction and happiness to our customers.  Many people come to us looking to return a lover so this Free Love Spell can be the trick in cases that are not too severe.  In more severe cases, we recommend a more powerful spell casting to return your lover.  Our Professional Strength RETURN MY LOVER spell comes in 3 separate power levels.  Basic, Extreme and ULTIMATE.  The Free Spell we offer ranked a fantastic 3 on out Top 10 Free Love Spells.

FREE SPELL # 2. BREAK THEM UP --  Again, just as the name says.  If a couple are together and they have caused you great harm or pain this can be a great spell to BREAK THEM UP.  Again, this Free Spell is a bit weak and if it fails, you must try our professional BREAK THEM UP spell.  If your lover is with another and you want them back, you will need the BREAK THEM UP AND RETURN MY LOVER casting.  Even MORE effective and powerful. Ranked at a fantastic 2 out of 10 on our Top Ten Free Love Spells List. 

FREE SPELL # 1.  GETTING OVER SOMEONE  --  Dealing with the pain of a break up can be very difficult.  The heartbreak can be unbearable.  This Spell is more of a Pain Tolerance Spell then a Love Spell.  Regardless, its energies are like a fantastic Magic Pain Remedy.  Getting over a break up can be hard.  This Free Spell can make the process much more bearable.  Many cases have reported that this free spell took the pain away for good!  This beautiful Free Spell is our most powerful free spell and ranks at # 1 on out Top Ten List of Free Spells.


Free Spell Casting Fact:

Our Free Spells are effective and do contain safe real Magic energies but they are no where near the power and effectiveness of our professional strength Spell Castings.  Our Circle of Eight is professionally trained in the arts of Magic and Spell Casting to ensure you get fast, effective and real results with every spell we cast for you.  Of course we offer Spells for Love, Spells for Money, Spells for Revenge, Spells for Adult situations and of course Custom made Spells that are designed and created by you.

Every bit of Magic the Circle of eight casts out is guaranteed.  Your privacy, satisfaction and happiness are 100% guaranteed.


LOVER WHERE ARE YOU  --  Locate and attract the Love you desire with this ancient and effective free love spell.

DESPERATE AND DATELESS  -- If you are a bit lonely and haven't had a date for a while this can be a great free spell to change that situation.

SEE ME, FEEL ME  --  Have the person you desire see and feel what you feel for them.  A quick and effective free love spell to create an attraction that you crave to happen.

ENCHANTED WEDDING  --  A powerful Love Spell to have cast while you get married.  It will create an everlasting bond that you both will feel.  A great binding Love Spell as well.

SHY GUY/GIRL  --  A bit shy perhaps?  These emotions and personality traits can be shed using this powerful WICCAN shyness spell.  A great Spell to have cast before a big date as well.

PASSION SPELL  --  Fill your mind, heart and should full of passion.  A great Wicca spell that works even better when combined with the Shyness Love Spell. 

YOU’RE THE ONE I WANT  --  Let the person know on a spiritual and emotional level that you are the one who desires them.  The feeling is most always returned when seen in this light.  A great attraction Wicca Love Spell. 


ATTRACTING A SOUL MATE  --  If you have been getting all of the wrong kinds of dates and loves in your life, this Soul Mate Free Love Spell can possibly change that for good.  A great Free Attraction Love Spell.

BRING BACK MY LOVE  --  As the title of this Free Spell says, it brings back your lover.  Not nearly as powerful as our Professional Strength Return My Lover Spell Casting but it still can do the trick.  This Free Spell works only if the person you want in your life again WAS in fact a lover of yours at one time. 

SPICE UP YOUR LOVE  --  Maybe your lover is a bit boring or a bit shy?  This Free Spell to Spice up your Love Life can make a new person out of your partner. 

MYSTIC SOUL TAP  --  Another projection Free Spell that allows you to see through another's eyes on a spiritual level.  A bit difficult to cast but if you have a little bit of Magic experience, this free spell may come easily.

COME TO ME  --  A little like our RETURN MY LOVER spell casting but more for any person you wish to have come to you.  Also, this Spell is a bit like our ATTRACTION spell casting but again, much weaker.

MARRIAGE PROPOSAL SPELL  --  If you are getting ready to propose and you are not sure if he or she will accept, this free love spell can make things tip a bit more in your favor.  Also, this Marriage Spell has been reported to take the fright out of the actual proposal itself. 


PERFECT PAIR  --  Feel as if you are both the PERFECT PAIR.  A great confidence booster Casting

BREAK THEM UP  --  Again, just as the name says.  If a couple are together and they have caused you great harm or pain this can be a great spell to BREAK THEM UP. 

CASANOVA  --  Become more of a "Ladies Man" and appear far more attractive.  Not as effective as our MAKE EM DESIRE ME spell but can work in many cases.

HOW TO DUMP HIM/HER  --  If breaking her or his heart comes difficult, this Spell can make things much better.  Numbs the pain of having to do the thing that hurts most.

BREAK A LOVE SPELL  --  Perhaps you feel a love spell has been cast upon your lover?  Do they seem different or distant?  This free spell can eliminate a possible love spell but it can be a bit difficult to cast with no Magic Experience.  Our PROTECTION Spell is professional Strength and offers the same but FAR more effective overall.

GETTING OVER SOMEONE  --  Pain and hurt of a break up can be unbearable.  This casting can take this pain away and heal your hurt faster.  An effective spell that delivers healing and happiness over sadness and depression.


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"Out Top Ten Free Love Spells will give you a quick insight on what free Spells are the strongest overall.  In most cases, no Magic or Wicca training is needed to get effective results from Free Spells.  They are safe and easy to cast but remember, we offer Professional Castings that We Will Cast For you that are 100% Guaranteed!"
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