Top 10 Items used in All Spell Castings

The below all items are used in most spell castings.  These items all contain certain magic properties and are used in the majority of spell castings.


10.  Clothes or clothing that was worn by the person the spell is for.  Clothes contain residual energy from a persons being and are very popular in spell castings.



9.  Personal Belongings.  Like cloths, personal belongings are popular and used in a great deal of Spell Castings.  Depending on how dear the item is, the personal possession can hold a tremendous amount of energy for a casting.  A set of keys, a coin, a watch, a ring etc all are examples of personal things that are used in spell castings. 



8.  Organic Items.  Things like leaves, grass or flowers are very common in most spells.




7.  Elements.  Gold, silver, platinum etc.  are all popular items for strong professional spell castings.




6.  Water.  Water is a very common item used in many spells.  It symbolizes purity and the ability to change and conform. Water also symbolized the delivery of a spell.




5.  Drawing Items.  Items like pencils, pens and markers are usually needed for common spells.  These items are used to write a name or ma location on another item used in the Spells casting.





4.  Pictures.  Pictures of yourself or of people you may desire or wish to seek revenge on are very common things needed for most all professional and free spell castings.




3.  Incense.  The burning of incense acts as a delivery system for your spells energy.  As the incense dissolves into thin air, it takes your spells energy with it. 




2.  Crystals.  Crystals and gems act as a lens or an item to focus your spells energy onto a set point.



1.  Candles.  The TOP item used in spell castings are CANDLES.  Once a candle is lit, it acts as an antenna.  This aspect is VERY important and is performed in every kind of spell casting.  Love Spells, Money Spells, Revenge Spells Etc. ALL use candles.  The Color of the candle plays a major role in the process as well.



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